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Let's Share the Universe of Decentralized Exchange

The world of cryptocurrencies is practically an extensive global community of crypto enthusiasts. This huge community consists of thousands of smaller ones orbiting around interesting and inclusive projects.

Even though Dexvers is a young crypto project, we’ve already started gathering some remarkable people and building a great self-sufficient ecosystem. We want to make Web3 and DeFi accessible to everyone and lift the veil of mystery. If you’re pro decentralization, we welcome you with open arms!

Being a tight-knit community is amazing, but we also wish to materially reward our members for making an effort - you can easily earn money if you bring a friend to trade or a project to be listed. And here’s how!

Represent Us Among the Stars

Dexvers has a two-pronged referral program benefiting both those bringing in friends to trade on our exchange and those bringing in new and promising crypto projects to be listed on Dexvers.

‘’A simple referral is what brings most people onto an exchange. We’d like to reward our community for helping Dexvers grow, so we try to give everyone a chance to earn from referring us, and to help a friend out potentially.’’ - wise words from Dennis Stoia, our Strategy Innovation & Investor Relations lead.

New Users

If you were wondering who can join, the answer is - anyone! We found that many experienced crypto enthusiasts are micro-influencers, regardless of their following on social media. If you have a network of traders - all of them can join Dexvers via your referral link and voila, you effortlessly gained 2% of trading fees from their trading session.

We believe in giving back, too! You can also pick a friend to earn from your trades - every time you trade, you have the option to choose who gets 2% of your trading fees.

New Projects

As Dexvers B2B Ambassadors, you will receive 2% of all trading fees for trades made on the project you brought in, for as long as the project remains listed on Dexvers.

One of the perks is that listing on Dexvers is 100% free of charge, so literally everybody wins in this situation:

  • The project you referred will get listed for free

  • You will receive 2% of all trading fees from that project

  • Dexvers will get a new constituent of the ecosystem

As DeFi pioneers, we believe that a decentralized ecosystem is far more beneficial to all parties than a traditional top-bottom system where power is distributed vertically with nothing left to those at the bottom.

On planet Dexvers, everybody wins - every constituent, everyone who contributed to the ecosystem and its community. No Dexnaut is ever left behind!

How to Join

Dexvers Beta will be launched very soon, so you’ll be able to generate referral links through the app itself. Until then, feel free to send us a message at, and our team will happily continue the conversation and provide you with your referral link.

Dexvers is a new-generation decentralized exchange based on Polygon with many unorthodox features for a DEX such as elite customer support, free premium analytics, and many more.


Disclaimer: The information provided in this post is not legal, accounting, or financial advice. The information should not be construed as investment or trading advice and is not meant to be a solicitation or recommendation to buy, sell, or hold any cryptocurrencies.

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