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At first, everything is only an idea.

If enough people decide to commit to the idea and make it a plan, then great things start happening. We built this world of decentralized exchange together, now let's build the universe.

Dexvers project aims to be the best decentralized crypto exchange in the industry.
What we have envisioned is an original approach to the world of decentralized finance - a
DEX that is operable on multiple chains, accessible and affordable to everyone, everywhere.
With strong dedication and belief, we strive for excellence in every aspect of our project.

This is how the Dexvers project will develop and grow.

Roadmap to Launch

May-Jul 2021

Market Study
Creating founding team

Aug-Sep 2021

Developing product
Business Plan work

Sep-Oct 2021

Partnership with Welthee
Documenting Project

Oct-Nov 2021

Technical Documentation
Growing Team

Nov-Dec 2021

Pre-Sale Campaign start
Smart Contract Development for EVMs

Jan-Mar 2022

Interface upgrade
Analytics Module Integration

Apr-Aug 2022

Public Sale Campaign

Liquidity Pool Bootstrapping Phase

Roadmap after Launch

Sep 2022

Deploy Dexvers on Mainnet
All EVM compatibility
Continue Liquidity Pool Bootstrapping 

Sep-Oct 2022

Expanded swap onto Solana blockchain
Solution to required usage of native BC coin for gas fees
Partnership with Accounting Firm
In-process grant application with Polygon


Nov-Dec 2022

Partnership with Legal Firm

Rollout of Elite Customer Service

Pre-Sale Token Liquidity Market

Jan-Mar 2023

Real Assets Into Liquidity (RAILs) token launch; Phase I for Fiat and Transferable Securities

Apr-Jul 2023

RAILs Phase 2: Real Estate Equity

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