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[PART 1] Dexvers Features in a Nutshell

Nomen est omen, people from Ancient Rome would say. So, being dubbed Dexvers - well, you’ve guessed it - we’re a decentralized exchange (DEX), and - you might genuinely not know this - we’re based on Polygon with multi and cross-chain possibilities.

Nevertheless, while we take great pride in being part of the decentralized universe, we recognize that there’s still room for improvement in the DeFi world; especially concerning the traditional features that popular DEXs are offering.

Therefore, Dexvers came up with a plan to offer its user an out-of-this-world experience that combines the best of the two worlds. We’re currently developing 10 features with their own use cases, and in this article, we’ll share the progress on some of them. Let's dive in!

Elite Customer Support

How many DEXs have 24/7 customer support available to all of their users? A classical peer-to-peer marketplace almost certainly will not have chat, email, or any other type of customer service to offer.

To be fair, the core mechanism of trading on a CEX is different, and therefore, demand for customer support is higher - the tiresome KYC procedure, frozen withdrawals, etc.

This, however, is not an excuse for decentralized exchanges. At least not for Dexvers. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Dexvers’ 3-tiered customer support!

Email Support

This is the simplest level of Dexvers’ customer support and, most importantly, completely free of charge for all of our users.

Chat Support

Each tier includes the features of the previous one, plus something new. So, the users that opt for tier-2 customer support will receive both email and chat support.

Legal & Accounting Support

We proudly say that our 3rd tier has some impressive features available, including calling the support agents on the phone and asking them about legal and accounting hurdles you may be facing.

Premium Analytics

Dexvers’ advanced analytics features were made to ensure safe and insightful trading. Dexvers infographics will give you the data you need to make a knowledgeable decision.

For trading beginners, Dexvers has a swapping wizard to explain how to make a p2p transaction in detail, every step of the way. And for experienced traders, Dexvers offers a custom dashboard with any infographics you find important and choose to be there.

Knowing historical data and how cryptocurrencies evolved will point you in the right direction. Even for the simplest things, e.g. recognizing a bear market.

Dexvers Ambassadors

Dexvers has a two-pronged referral program benefiting both those bringing in friends to trade on our exchange and those bringing in new and promising crypto projects to be listed on Dexvers.

As Dexvers B2B Ambassadors, you will receive 2% of all trading fees for trades made on the project you brought in, for as long as the project remains listed on Dexvers.

One of the perks is that listing on Dexvers is 100% free of charge, so literally everybody wins in this situation:

  • The project you referred will get listed for free

  • You will receive 2% of all trading fees from that project

  • Dexvers will get a new constituent of the ecosystem

We also learned that many experienced crypto enthusiasts are micro-influencers, regardless of their following on social media. If you have a network of traders - all of them can join Dexvers via your referral link and voila, you effortlessly gained 2% of trading fees from their trading session.

Follow Dexvers

To learn more about Dexvers and unlock new opportunities as they come, please join our Telegram community and our Discord.

If you want to become an early adopter of our native token $DXVS, hurry up to your App Store or Google Play and download the Welthee Wallet app.


Disclaimer: The information provided in this post is not legal, accounting, or financial advice. The information should not be construed as investment or trading advice and is not meant to be a solicitation or recommendation to buy, sell, or hold any cryptocurrencies.

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