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Team & Advisors

Meet our People and Supporters

Every member of our team contributes uniquely and equally to the project.

We gathered remarkable people from various industries - crypto, blockchain, finance, technology, project management, marketing and communications, business and product development.

Meet the Dexvers Team

Dan Banu

Dan Banu

CEO & Founder

Dan Banu is a solution-oriented innovator, imaginative businessman, and natural leader. He is the core creator, founder, and chief executive officer of Dexvers. He believes crypto trading should be available to anyone, anywhere, on their terms. 

Dennis Stoia

Dennis Stoia


Dennis brings over 20 years of experience in global finance. Mr. Stoia served as an executive advisor with extensive board experience and a number of senior management roles in corporate development and venture investing, managing global portfolios focused on disruptive technologies.

Andrei Dexvers.png

Andrei Așchilean

Project Management

Andrei Aschilean is a senior business consultant with an extensive experience across multiple industries. He is experienced in implementing, monitoring and improving processes by using the art of agile management. Using his communication and organisational skills, it is very easy to coordinate with colleagues across various departments in order to sync with the entire team and deliver a great product.

Bogdan Coman

Bogdan Coman

VP of Engineering & Product Manager

Bogdan Coman is an experienced IT professional with an MSc in Electronics. Started his successful career as an engineer, he most recently worked as a CTO in a telecommunications company, while being an infatuated crypto enthusiast.

Jefferson Duggan

Jefferson Duggan

Data Science

Mr. Dugan is specialized in machine learning, data analytics, statistical analysis, and end-to-end data science, while also holding a BS in theoretical physics and applied mathematics.


Cristian Bica

Software Development

Cristian is a full-stack developer with a focus on leading teams to successfully deliver software products. He is passionate about open-source, has experience in Systems Engineering, Network Engineering, Entrepreneurship and over 10 years of Software Development.

Cristian Bronescu

Cristian Bronescu

VP of Operations

Cristian Bronescu is a tech-savvy blockchain enthusiast. With years of experience in fintech, crypto, blockchain, and software development, Mr. Bronescu is a resourceful tech specialist and successful businessman.

Tijana D. Gertner

Tijana D. Gertner


Tijana Damjanovic Gerner is a renowned digital marketing expert and a media and marketing specialist with significant experience in organization, performance improvement, team management, and product strategy creation.

Eric Illingsworth

Eric Illingsworth


Mr. Illingsworth has an admirable background in analytics, testing, and optimization. He wishes to evangelize data-driven insights and a test-and-learn mentality. His colleagues describe him as a great, proactive co-worker, and also a "highest-caliber technical person".

Daniel Herdean

Daniel Herdean


Daniel is constantly seeking new ways to transform and modernize businesses, with over 15 years of experience behind him. Mr. Herdean is also highly skilled in web analytics, strategy, and product management.

Lau Ardelean

Lau Ardelean

Product Experience Design

Lau Ardelean embodies the best
qualities of an artist and a technology enthusiast. His contributions are innovative ideas in the field of UI/UX 
design. His approach is user-emphaty driven, and he believes that this approach makes for better experiences.

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Catalin Iuga


Catalin is a Digital Analytics expert with over 15 years of experience leading the analytics practice for some of the Fortune 50 companies. 


Malisa Pusonja

Research & Development

A great mixture of Philosophy, Data Science and Engineering has made Malisa to be considered a leading Blockchain R&D Expert, internationally.


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