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What’s Dexvers and what’s in it for you?

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

There’s an important thing you should know about dexVERS – we strongly believe in the idea of a meritocratic society where everyone gets equal opportunities. As such, we embarked on the crypto journey a long time ago. Years later, we finally realized what our contribution to the global crypto community will be a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange, truly accessible to everyone, everywhere.

Low Fees

While we love everything Ethereum represents for our world, we also know that trading on Ethereum will cause you a lot of headaches, starting with insanely high fees you need to pay to have a successful transaction. Moreover, 10 transactions per second is a very low capacity.

We asked ourselves – how to enable the lowest fees possible while avoiding binding people to a single network. It took some time, but we realized that Polygon is our best bet due to its almost ‘’invisible’’ fees and ETH compatibility.

Chain Interoperability

Ethereum’s Internet of blockchains – Polygon – is just the perfect solution for the gas fee issue and the scalability upgrade, and that is why dexVERS decided to make Polygon our hearthstone.

Multichain is one of dexVERS keywords, and this way, after the official launch, we will easily be able to join the colorful ecosystem of other blockchains.

So far, so good? Low fees + chain interoperability = dexVERS. Nonetheless, this is only a part of the full equation. What will make dexVERS truly unique is the power of its community and our wide spectrum of possibilities for its members.

Bottom-Up Community

All good things are decentralized, they have no master to tamper with their natural flow. As humans, we tend to lean towards centralization, fearing the chaos that may come if there is no hierarchical order.

As the opposite of chaos, the universe is seen as a well-ordered whole. As our name says, dexVERS is all in one, a univers of a decentralized exchange. We are all equal and we can successfully co-exist without divisions or unfairness.

We want our community to reflect the values of meritocracy, decentralization, equality, unity, and abundance. Nobody would mind some humor and fun as a cherry on the top either. We will give our best to bring together a group of like-minded people ready to be the change drivers for the crypto revolution.

Numerous Opportunities for You or Your Projects

dexVERS is an idea, so it was important to understand the concept around it first. However, we have in store for you very specific opportunities and features, fit for traders, investors, as well as new crypto projects.

Firstly, we want our community to grow and give back – that’s why you can become a dexVERS Ambassador and receive 2% of the revenue share of all fees for the new projects you bring in.

The Marketing Match feature is a great example of a whole-sale community engagement due to its voting mechanism. Dexvers will, in collaboration with all of you, give new projects launching on our platform between $10.000 and $1.000.000 equivalent in dexVERS tokens, to be used for improvements and promotion.

Thanks to a strategic partnership with Welthee, dexVERS users will constantly be the first ones exposed to great investment opportunities, even off-chain.

If you are a crypto enthusiast such as ourselves, believing in the core values of crypto, and looking for an interesting project to follow – congratulations, you have come to the right place. dexVERS team is working hard to deliver the beta version very soon. In the meantime, you are free to ask us any questions. So we invite you to reach out, follow us on Twitter and Discord, and learn more about dexVERS token pre-sale.

Disclaimer: The information provided in this post is not legal, accounting, or financial advice. The information should not be construed as investment or trading advice and is not meant to be a solicitation or recommendation to buy, sell, or hold any cryptocurrencies.

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