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Everything You Need to Know About dexvers in a 2-Minute Read


Dexvers is a meritocratic decentralized crypto exchange. It is also an AMM platform built to support chain interoperability and offer future of finance features. dexvers exchange will have a proprietary token – so, let us know if you are interested in our token presale!

We offer many great features on our DEX, such as:

The Multi-Chain Swap – dexvers enables you to trade on your blockchain of choice or make cross-chain swaps seamlessly.

Superior Analytics – dexvers offers every piece of data you will need to make the right investment decisions.

Elite Customer Service – our team will be available to you via chat, email, phone, or video, and also offer legal and tax support.

OTC Wholesale Traffic – you can use the benefits of smart contracts to execute large volume peer-to-peer trades. There was a discussion about removing this feature.


dexvers exchange will over time become a fully multichain DEX, but in the beginning, it will be launched on Polygon – popularly known as Ethereum’s Internet of blockchains. We chose Polygon for two reasons:

  • easy shift to other Ethereum-compatible blockchain networks

  • extremely low transaction fees

  • well developed defi ecosystem

  • high developer activity

We certainly aren’t the first DEX in the world of crypto, but we strive to be the champion of people – a truly decentralized exchange, available for everyone, everywhere. Our combination of very low fees and high chain interoperability makes us competitive on the market, and our community and investment features make dexvers a unique opportunity.

In terms of benefits, this is what we offer to our users and potential partner projects.

Marketing Match – dexvers will, in collaboration with its community via our voting mechanism, give new projects launching on our platform between $10,000 and $1,000,000 equivalent in dexvers tokens, to be used for improvements and promotion.

Ambassadors Referral Program – dexvers wants to encourage the community to participate, help us expand, and bring new tokens onto the platform. 2% of the revenue share of all fees goes to those who bring new projects.

Real Investment Opportunities – thanks to a strategic partnership with Welthee, dexvers will provide its users with debit cards and numerous off-chain investment opportunities.


We strongly believe in decentralization, equal opportunities, and liberty for all. We also think it’s high time global finance took this path.

Our goal is to build a large community of crypto enthusiasts who will encourage each other and even be crypto apostles to those who still haven’t entered the world of cryptocurrencies. In return, they will become dexvers ambassadors and receive valuable awards.

Together, we can draw a new financial landscape – the one where individuals are free of intermediaries and get every cent of what they earn. So, shall we begin?

Disclaimer: The information provided in this post is not legal, accounting, or financial advice. The information should not be construed as investment or trading advice and is not meant to be a solicitation or recommendation to buy, sell, or hold any cryptocurrencies.

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