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Customer Support in Crypto - Our Community Shares Nightmares

Customer support in crypto is often compared to Error 404 - nowhere to be found. Centralized crypto exchanges offer customer service by default, but it usually comes too little or too late. Decentralized exchanges, however, rarely (practically never) provide any kind of customer service. So, what do you do?

Crypto newbies avoid DEXs precisely because of their lack of support, but staying on CEXs takes its toll (mostly on nerves). In this article, we’re going to share some stormy situations our community members found themselves in, and try to offer a solution - it’s time to wake up from this nightmare!

1. Locked Funds

One of our community members was in a true mini-war with one of the biggest crypto exchanges. He wanted to change his account’s password and entered a nightmare. Agents asked him for a screenshot to prove the account was actually his. He sent it. The exchange doesn’t allow attachments in email because it automatically sees them as spam.

After a small wtf moment, he kindly contacted agents again, explaining he can’t send a screenshot of anything. The reply he got? Exactly the same as the first email - ‘’please, send us a screenshot’’. This went on for a couple of weeks and his funds were locked the entire time!

2. Endless KYC Troubles

Okay, there’s no smooth KYC procedure. But can you imagine going through it every single day?! Well, that’s exactly what happened to our community member #2. Out of the blue, his account was deemed unverified and banned from buying and selling. He went through the KYC procedure again and the account was unlocked. Until tomorrow. Then he needed to go through the same ordeal again.

Best part? He opened a case with a customer support agent, was told someone will take care of it soon, and received a generic response 2 months later.

3. Credit Card Denied

One of our community members complained about a situation on another well-known centralized exchange. Her credit card, though in perfect order and used daily for purchases, was constantly being declined by the exchange.

She was in a hurry (it was the Black Swan event in March 2020) because she wanted to buy this ultimate dip - 1 BTC for $3,400. She contacted the customer service agents, they said they’re looking into it and to expect an answer shortly. Three weeks later, she was able to add her card, but the dip was gone.

A logical question may be - why didn’t she try via another exchange? But if someone told you ‘’it’ll be fixed shortly’’ and it seems like a simple issue, wouldn’t you too wait at least a day? The problem is, even a day was too long in this case, let alone 3 weeks.

4. Cryptoleaks

A certain exchange was hacked. Not only that the funds were stolen, but all the personal data of its users - their names, addresses - all of it! Naturally, everybody panicked and wanted any information regarding the hacking. Our community member #4 understands there is a crisis management procedure in these moments, but can’t believe that he and hundreds of other users never received a reply.

‘’We had a group chat on Telegram to figure it out ourselves or at least to share the burden. Out of 200+ members of that group, nobody received a reply to this day,’’ he says. The member also added that he was lucky enough to have funds ‘’only worth an average meal’’, but was more concerned about who has his personal information now.

5. Not Our Problem

Customer service agents aren’t wizards, we know that, but a few of our members complained about the agents’ attitude and tone in communication. ‘’I thought the worst part in crypto customer support was receiving generic responses, but a copy-paste response beats passive aggression anytime if you ask me’’, a member shared and added: ‘’All these emails are obtainable, I just don’t get how can anyone say ‘’it’s your fault, don’t contact us again’’ and receive their paycheck afterward!’’

Poor response time, lack of solution, generic responses, and even rudeness - many crypto enthusiasts experience these unpleasant situations when dealing with customer support in crypto. So, what can we do about it?

Moral of the Story

We’re not saying that absolutely everyone in crypto has rubbish customer support. There is an expectation or two and truth be told, the general responsiveness improved throughout the years. Nevertheless, we’re still very far from perfect.

The issue here is - if you wanted to have (any) crypto customer support available, you had to use CEXs. However, centralized exchanges are, to say the least, vulnerable and showing more and more flaws by day. DEXs are great, but the biggest names in DeFi offer 0 customer support.

Meet Dexvers - an exchange that offers the best from both worlds. Dexvers is a decentralized exchange, but unlike its cousins, DXVS will offer 24/7 customer support available via chat and email. This tiered customer service will even offer legal and accounting advice!

Once we launch, you will be able to get all the support you need!

Stay tuned!

Disclaimer: The information provided in this post is not legal, accounting, or financial advice. The information should not be construed as investment or trading advice and is not meant to be a solicitation or recommendation to buy, sell, or hold any cryptocurrencies.

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